About The Orvée COLLECTION


Chic Elegance

The Orvée is the purse that reaches the highest pinacle of posh perfection. The french origin of this royal bourse purse is evident in its timeless couture shape and hand-crafted design. Carefully constructed to maximize space for all your must-haves while looking sleek and chic. This magical bag is no illusion and is bound to cast a spell on those around you. Yes, your dream purse has come true!

The heavenly soft leather is further elevated by the electroplated gold chain and exclusive Leedna Bo hardware. This enchanting purse will take you on a magical carpet ride wherever you go. Float into any room with full confidence that you have supernatural powers and you're not taking "No" for an answer! This purse will accentuate your poise and add a touch of elegance to every outfit that you own. Boss girls, don't enter the boardroom without your wonderous wing-woman of a purse here. Exude your aura of confidence with this handbag and leave them wanting more!