Hear Me Roar

The Adam is your go-to purse for an unstoppable and unforgetable evening. Its unique cylinder shape is purposefully designed to keep your fragile belongings as durable and unnbreakable as your daring warrior spirit. Fearlessly designed with delicate lamb leather and 100% Mongolian lamb fur, this purse is no timid little lamb. Take this purse along whenever you sense a need for adventure and ready to take on the world.

This unicorn of a handbag is made to be as unique as you, with its top lid enclosed design syncs with an electroplated gold zipper, lavished in luxurious silk interior and surrounded by Tibetan lamb fur exterior. While its materials are soft and sleek to the touch, its personality shouts confidently, "I'm woman. Hear me roar!" When worn as a bracelet on your wrist or held in the hand, it's compact and portable like a clutch or can put inside a larger purse. The durable and long leather handle lets you roam free and embraces your body shape. Subtle Leedna Bo gold foil signature is prominently stamped front and centered, all the while giving the spotlight to you.